UB Interior
The art of organising available space. We create with heart; Build with the mind.
UB Interior

UB India is one of the most respected and reputed interior developer in chennai, starting with affortable interiors over the 2 decades by spreading of ultra-luxury segment to affordable housing and it is the satisfaction that we derive for more challenging areas in property development.

We believe that a careful approach to design can significantly improve your new home.

Through considered colour and fabric selection, curtains and soft furnishings, any home can be improved.

Further to the initial interior/exterior design report, we offer a design service that includes all soft furnishings, curtains, cushions and accessories. We can help with the overall design scheme including room layouts, maximising room functions, colour schemes, mood boards and fabric selection.

We undertake projects of all sizes, from a full interior, to a single pair of curtains or set of cushions.

Interior design is about making your spaces work more effectively for your needs. We believe in working 'with' clients to get the most out of their living and working spaces. We always try to interpret your desires and specific requirements to create spaces that work for you.

Services offered

Room layout, maximising your space, room functionality and defining spaces, ensuring visual impact from both the exterior and the interior, also curtains and soft furnishings.

Colour and style boards, guidance on decorative styles, room planning, decoration, curtaining, soft furnishings and accessories.

Our Showcase

Residential Flat in Anna Nagar, Chennai


Sri Ragavendra Gas Agencies, Avadi, Chennai

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